Seinfield was one of the most successful sitcom in the 90’s spanning over 10 years, with it’s infamous pitch that it would be a half hour weekly comedic show all about ‘nothing’. And what a success it was! With that in mind, Sass Avenue is a raw social blog with attitude and real opinions from real people. But it’s not a blog about ‘nothing.’ It is a blog about ‘something.’ See the point of difference there? Genius!

Sass Avenue is based on the streets of Melbourne Australia. We’re always looking for new things to SASS about. If you’re a blogger or a writer, a business or a just regular Joe who’d like to promote or share your point of views, please contact us to contribute to our craziness here and have a bit of a laugh.

We live in a world of routine and mundaneness. So let’s make it a mission to keep sassing about something! Whether it be an experience, a thought, a product or absolutely anything. For better or worse, let’s share our loves, our hates and our weird and wonderful experiences in a humorous way. Because let’s face it, life is too short to be boring. Let us live through your experiences and in turn you can live through ours.

No matter where you are in the world, if there is something worth talking about, let’s get sassing!



Sass Avenue