It’s all about the freshness in SWAG

We’ve all heard the term SWAG, right? It’s what young kids these days use to reference that they’ve got style such as, “Dude, you’ve got hella SWAG!” But little did I know that SWAG is actually a style in its own right as well, as advised by my younger sister Kim, who is 21 years old […]

How strippers can save the world

A couple of months ago I was asked to SASS about girl squirting – like it? or hate it?. Disgusting… I know! But thank god the response from our Facebook poll was “Euww… Please don’t write about it!” So I didn’t SASS it and I wouldn’t even know where to begin! Although, thereafter people kept […]

Grandeur Films: Cinematic Wedding Videos

“I’m confused… so are you planning a wedding again?” Umm… No!  Let’s rewind back to late February 2013 when I was still very much in wedding planning mode. We were having farewell drinks in a bar in the city, when I bumped into a long time friend from back in the day. He asked how […]