Getting fit is never easy. But let's make it fun by setting personal milestones to achieve.

Alessandra Ambrosio does Tough Mudder 2014

  Well hello there, it’s JVo here again! You remember me, right? The really fabulous young (ahem..) lady who sometimes blog and may also be confused as Jessica Alba at the best of times? “Oh.. right! Yes, the extremely modest one who has a smoking body? You’re pretty amazing… and pretty awesome… and really really […]

This means War. I am AALLBBAA…!

It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you on my Jessica Alba body challenge or SASSed anything for that matter. I’ve been a busy girl, okay? Work, family, friends, exercise, sex… you know the deal! “How are you coming along with that Alba body of yours JVo? Well boys and girls if you’ve seen me […]

Eurasian Hotties: The appreciation of women in a non lesbian way

Disclaimer: Feminism chicks and super uptight people, please take a chill pill before reading this post. I am not a lesbian or a bi-sexual. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay or bi-sexual because I do have friends who are gay and they are completely normal. But how do I know I don’t […]

How you doin’… J-Vo?

It’s been a good 3 months plus now since I’ve started this blog and I now feel as if  we’ve connected on another level. Like any romance brewing, I think it’s time we get to know each other a little better. Don’t you think? “So, How you doin’…?” you ask in a Joey from Friends […]

Get shredded for Stereosonic 2013

This blog is about to get pretty damn serious… People! Yes, we’re SASS-ing about getting ripped for Stereosonic 2013. Did I hear you laugh? Because you better not be! I mean, you can let yourself go during Christmas, New Years, Easter and even arguably for your own wedding day. But by gosh, if you dare […]

Never too old to party?

So it was the Queen’s Birthday holiday last weekend! I hope you’ve all had a nice long weekend because it will be your last one for a little while. Most adults my age (in the 30+ age group) usually take these long weekend opportunities to “go away for the weekend” or spend “quality time with […]

The Perfect Selfie

As part of my day job, I interviewed one of the Managers for an article I was writing and we got talking about his passion and talent for photography. “Well Mr Manager, you know you’re not a true photographer until you master the art of a Selfie, right?” I said. “What the hell is a […]

A moment of weakness – Diet Pills

If you used to follow my old blog, you’d know that my challenge for 2013 is to achieve the Jessica Alba body. Even though there is no longer a wedding dress to fit into, I’ve still have to get my d*ckhead of a mirror to tell me that I’m the most beautiful-lest woman in the […]