I've set myself a mission to achieve a Jessica Alba body by the end of 2013. Keep up to date!

Get shredded for Stereosonic 2013

This blog is about to get pretty damn serious… People! Yes, we’re SASS-ing about getting ripped for Stereosonic 2013. Did I hear you laugh? Because you better not be! I mean, you can let yourself go during Christmas, New Years, Easter and even arguably for your own wedding day. But by gosh, if you dare […]

The Perfect Selfie

As part of my day job, I interviewed one of the Managers for an article I was writing and we got talking about his passion and talent for photography. “Well Mr Manager, you know you’re not a true photographer until you master the art of a Selfie, right?” I said. “What the hell is a […]

A moment of weakness – Diet Pills

If you used to follow my old blog, you’d know that my challenge for 2013 is to achieve the Jessica Alba body. Even though there is no longer a wedding dress to fit into, I’ve still have to get my d*ckhead of a mirror to tell me that I’m the most beautiful-lest woman in the […]