What is the meaning of life? Explained

I have been somewhat MIA in the last few months. I’ve just been in a badass mood. Not the in a hot Lara Croft badass assassin’ kind of way, but more like a Bridget Jones the world-can-go-fck-itself kind of way. Everyone has a bad day now and again. And for me, I actually broke down […]

The Bro Code versus The Chick Code

 I often get text messages like this from a few of my close guy friends: We speak liberally about their hoodlum adventures. Yes, it is offensive. Yes, we are objectifying women. Yes, it’s a little on the wrong town.  But it’s all good… because I’m a Bro, yo! What is a Bro exactly? Listen to […]

When SOLO becomes TWOLO

This week the Sass Avenue team is moving from SOLO to YOLO to TWOLO (TWOLO = Two Losers)! Whatever… we’re totally cool M*ther F*ckers at Sass Avenue. Hellz ye-ah! I mean, we’d be much cooler if I lose the asterisks in the “M*ther F*ckers” because YOLO y’all. But hey, we are running a somewhat PG […]