Let’s be honest, everyone has a Bang Day

  “Hell yyeeahhh…. I’m DTF, JVo!” was how the conversation started a few months ago when I asked my friend how his single life was travelling. “What’s DTF?” I naively asked him. The other boys shook their heads in disbelief, “Err… have you been under a rock? It’s Down to F*ck!” Then further looks of […]

The Bro Code versus The Chick Code

 I often get text messages like this from a few of my close guy friends: We speak liberally about their hoodlum adventures. Yes, it is offensive. Yes, we are objectifying women. Yes, it’s a little on the wrong town.  But it’s all good… because I’m a Bro, yo! What is a Bro exactly? Listen to […]

So you wanna Eye-F*ck?

Okay, I’m not really big on picking up at a bar, a club or picking up in general for that matter. So before heading out with the girls one night, they decided to give me some advice, “What you need to do is give the guy you’re interested in ‘the look’. Look at them in […]